An Ode to Women Across the World

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A few months ago, on a rainy day afternoon in April I landed at Srinagar Airport. A very familiar face welcomed me and guided me to a waiting cab. My cabby was an old man probably in his fifties. I had good two hours of travel ahead and I love interacting with people from various walks of life. As we started our journey,  we traversed through familiar topics of politics, development, education, terrorism and finally stumbled on Islam. My cabby pointed out how certain factions are misusing the religion and discussed how the religion can better transform a person. During this conversation, he brought out that Sharia over politics is the only solution to the present chaos and vehemently said that wearing Burkha assures a woman her safety.  I was taken aback by that statement and asked him to make some sense in what I strongly felt was madness. He told me that its only a Burkha that can prevent a man from being wrongly attracted to a woman and he added that a man can do whatever he wants but a woman should take care of herself so as to prevent from being exploited. In spite of my best efforts to change his mindset, we parted ways with my cabby assuming that he drove his point through.

Fast forward to May, my wife indulges in one of the most fascinating planning that she has ever undertaken. For few days, she and her two other friends were all Montgomery, Bradley and Ramsay planning for Normandy landings. They came up with a much more complicated and confusing plan to vacation at Manali, (Himachal, India). They took into consideration every factor known to man. There were days and nights wherein teleconferencing was carried out to fine tune their plans. During one such conference calls I heard my wife telling her friend to buy a pepper spray for their safety. When inquired she told me that they are three women going for a trip and people could target them. Again I was taken aback. I have traveled a lot alone and with my friends, but never have I ever picked up something to ensure my safety. A few days down, when finally they undertook the trip, she called me and informed me about men staring and passing inappropriate comments when they were shopping at a Mall. I was anguished but felt helpless. So why should women be so conscious or apprehensive?

In this age of technology, wherein advancements are made in artificial intelligence and robotics, we as humans haven’t evolved yet. We blame woman for everything, from not adhering to a dress code to not behaving appropriately in public; we crucify her for nothing,  from restricting her thoughts to banning her from entering places of worship. A number of cases of ill-treatment meted to women are reported on an everyday basis and there are many which go unreported. Laws have been framed and rules have been shaped, but till the time the male mindset doesn’t change, nothing much can be done.

Women across the globe find either restricted or stipulated or judged someway or the other at some point of time. I have heard many women crib about their spouses, in-laws, coworkers, bosses and society. There is always an added pressure on women to perform better than their male coworkers at work, produce babies or treat their in-laws with extra care (at least in India). And in spite of their best efforts, neither do they receive any accolades nor does the pressure reduce. In India, post marriage women folk leave their home to live with their husbands. They marry not just the man, but the entire family. Post marriage, she has to adapt to her supposedly new parents and their ways. Very rarely do the husband or the in laws comprehend the difficulties. Barely would she have adapted, the pressure to produce a baby creeps onto her. The pressure mounts from different quarters and is time based too. It’s sad that a women never gets to decide when she wants to have a baby, as such important decisions are made by her husband,   in laws , parents and the society.

One of the most excruciating things people do is to judge a woman. I fail to understand how the character of a woman could be determined by the length of her skirt or line of her cleavage. I have noticed people look astonished when they see a woman hold a glass of whiskey or wine. So what if a woman drinks, so what if she wears a short skirt? the problem is not with the female species, it’s a programming error with the male psyche. Women joining a male dominated job find themselves cornered, since the male psyche finds its extremely difficult to accept the fact that a woman can do what a he can. Thus, the problem here is of acceptance too

A small measure of culpability is attributable to the women folk too. There are this breed of women who exist to feel jealous about women who are better than them. This breed is generally born with a silver spoon or married to a silver spoon and too proud of their existence or their spouse. Then look down on those women who are talented, happy and contended with their life. They are very explicit in giving advice and assume that they rule the Universe. Sadly, it is this breed, that make it difficult for the rest. At many a places, I have observed them talking ill about their fellow women.

There are many multi talented women, who pursue multiple activities and make this world a beautiful place to live. This blog is a tribute to those confident women who wake up every morning, cares for her loved ones, preps them up to face the world, does her very best at work and gets home only to be told that what she has been doing all day is not enough. This blog is also a salute to ‘The Wanderers’ (my wifey and her two naughty friends) who mustered all their courage to undertake the adventure. Wishing them many more such adventures in the future…


One thought on “An Ode to Women Across the World

  1. Real time issue – well worded – until some feminist ending chewing you up. Understanding women – I have never done it in my life so far and I do not intent to.

    Driving our son Nikhil to his university apartment this morning, he said “Girls, they hate each other and they hate themselves. The only relationship a women can really have is that of mother-child. Could be that the nature has made them so. to be good and caring mothers.”


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